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FM Konstglas Ronneby Marcolin Swedish Blue Glass Bird

FM Konstglas Ronneby Sweden
Crystal Paperweight

Sapphire crystal statue hand made  Baby duck 
FM Konstglas Ronneby Sweden



Condition: excellent, no flaws.
Dimensions: height 7.5 cm, length 6.5 cm x 5 cm.

A piece of art (art glass) delicate body build, handmade colorful crystal "Sapphire" - superb color in natural light, representing a baby duck. Proposed to sell his piece is authored by brothers Marcolin - Murano glassware artists who settled in Sweden, have set up in the '60s, "FM Konstglas of Ronneby" - closed in the 90s, with their withdrawal from activity. I will not insist on the description, I hope to see the photos!
I managed to find for sale on NET, something similar - just to give you an insight into price (adding to it that 25%, approximately, is the shipping costs) but also authenticity and additional images:
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FM Konstglas Ronneby Marcolin
 Sweden Crystal Paperweight

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