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Monica Bratt glass vase Reijmyre Glasbruk Sweden

Monica Bratt glass vase Reijmyre Glasbruk Sweden

Beyond the particular shape, unique for 40s, noting the particular color - red single called "Kolmårdens red gold" and developed only Reijmyre. Formula remained secret (using cadmium and selenium) and especially technology (temperatures) because the slightest deviation / error leads to yellow or even black. This color is brand footprint Monica Bratt - from Reijmyre legendary designer who developed it.

The vase is hand blown and shaped 100%. It is a large vase.

Monica Bratt (1913-1961), to whom were dedicated studies and books ("Glass by Monica Bratt, designer at Glassworks Reijmyre During the years 1937-1958" Authors: Hedvig Hedqvist, Jan Erik Spirit Bjork - 1981), is a emblematic designer Reijmyre and early 'era stained glass "in the world.

He studied fine arts - painting - Academy of Art in Stockholm, then in Paris in England and Italy.

Monica Bratt had been brought as a designer at Reijmyre in 1937 to 24 years - when he was still a student at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Stockholm - and in the 50s had artistic director and designer providential for the company, its collections are high successful, ruby ​​red and emerald green predominating in his creation, along with blue sapphire. Its success has placed the company "Reijmyre" in the 50s, in the same plane "Orrefos" which was No. 1 in the world.

Monica Bratt Reijmyre Kolmårdens red gold

Monica Bratt Reijmyre Kolmårdens red gold

Gustavsberg Stig Lindberg vase model 504 signed Stig L

Gustavsberg Stig Lindberg vase 504
Gustavsberg Stig Lindberg mark 504

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Crystal paperweight - Fireworks - Cenedese Vetri, Murano, Antonio Da Ros design

 Crystal paperweight - Fireworks - Cenedese Vetri, Murano, Antonio Da Ros design
Condition: Excellent, with absolutely no defects, that chip, dislocations, scratches etc.
Dimensions: 7.4 cm height, 7.6 cm diameter sphere.

A superb piece, delicate and sophisticated at the same time, reflecting fully, Venetian glass blowers craft and artistic refinement, namely the artist who executed Cenedese Gino (about 1985) the design of art by Antonio Da Ros.
The technique is "sommerso" is about three layers of glass. The first contains controlled bubble that grass that gives the sensation of seaweed or "silk frog" and the second layer (the one who "takes" on the first) that sparks a cascade of red and yellow means having a spherical bubble - where - perhaps - the name. The third layer is crystal clear.
The piece is a spectacular, very nice.

Identification will have to do to you, if you are interested in the subject, using labels CENEDESE Crystal paperweight ANTONIO DA ROS, because the sale is not only one, with store price of 70 euro - see link:

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Lars Hellsten Crystal Viking Figurine Signed for SKRUF Sweden

Lars Hellsten Skruf Sweden Viking Crystal Figurine
 Lars Hellsten Crystal Viking Figurine Signed for SKRUF Sweden

25 USD

Authenticity: The statue is signed "Hellsten Skruf" and has the original stickers "SKRUF Sweden" + label "Lars Hellsten Form" on the back.
Condition: as new, no defects
Dimensions: 8 cm height, 8 cm wide and 4 cm thick.

Proposed statue for sale, ie a crystal figurine of a Viking, it is made by Lars Hellsten, a known and acknowledged master of glass and crystal design, being made for Skruf Glassbruk, Sweden, in the '60s. The design is stylish, innovative and modern - the geometrization of forms. A drawing vigorous, strong, inspiring force and strength, a design line that characterizes the entire work of this Swedish artist. The technique used is mold-blown, or blown crystal In an mold, to obtain the shape and texture. However, a rarity and a true work of art, taking into account the fact that Lars Hellsten worked Skruf only 6 years (1964-1971) has not allowed him to keep the offer from Orrefors not refuse to artist . And Orrefors do not hire anyone!

     Lars Hellsten (b. 1933) studied sculpture at the Academy of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, working then as a designer, the "Skruf Glasbruk" (1964-1971) before coming to Orrefors in 1972 - where he worked over 30 years. It is considered a legendary designer and an artist in the field.

     Nature, the elements of nature and inspired, in most cases, works of art glass. This includes several large pieces, well suited to public spaces. His pieces, crystal or glass, are the main characteristic strength (massive) and power, be it glass cast (cast glass), blown into molds / molds (mold-blown) or free (free-blown).
 Such a piece of art truly has an average market price of approx. 50-60 USD. One such piece is extremely rare (as all objects signed Lars Hellsten) and the Clever for sale only one. However, search (with copy and paste into browser) the following labels:
Mid Century Art Crystal paperweight Skruf Sweden Viking Lars Hellsten

Lars Hellsten Skruf Sweden Crystal Figurine

Lars Hellsten Skruf Signature and Mark

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Hand-decorated porcelain vase and urn, cobalt - Imperial Japan KUTANI

Kutani porcelain cobalt vase Japan
 Hand-decorated porcelain vase and urn, cobalt - Imperial Japan KUTANI


Vases "KUTANI" - porcelain, cobalt - are very decorative and have a high degree of collecting. The imperial tradition and style vases, even made in the modern (and I refer to the period "occupied Japan" and immediately after) porcelain objects (vases, urns, cans, boxes etc.) "KUTANI" are very fine and quality, form and keeping the unspoiled setting trends "kitsch" of "china" of all kinds.
We here at the sale, a small urn (13.5 cm high and 5.7 cm diameter) and a miniature vase (6 cm height and 5.3 cm diameter) white porcelain enameled in cobalt color imperial partially decorated manually with colloidal gold and enamel, two-stage combustion in the furnace. That basic design is done by transferring colloidal gold amid cobalt and enamel colors manually added sun in style "cloisonne-convex" - being slightly raised. It takes finesse and refinement for it, but it differs somewhat from "fake" others. The pieces are marked on the bottom, all with colloidal gold, lacking the "Made in Japan" which appears to many the like. It is known that authentic pieces do not bear the "Made in Japan" because they generally do not use the Latin alphabet. In some cases can be met "Japan" or "Nipon" - the country used by the Japanese, not "Made in Japan".
The pieces are like us, without defects. The decor is intact.
I will insist on beauty, finesse and elegance of them - see the photos. About price, I can say? Search KUTANI COBALT VASE and you will find references.
Kutani porcelain mark

Hand painted miniature porcelain vase - Geisha - Satsuma, Meiji period (1868-1912) Japan

 Hand painted miniature porcelain vase - Geisha - Satsuma, Meiji period (1868-1912) Japan

Condition: very good, no flaws. Gold painted decor is slightly affected by the patina of years.
Dimensions: 6.8 cm height, 4.2 cm diagonal hexagon.

A most unusual vase, both in size - is a miniature vase and the old - belongs to the late Meiji period, ie around 1900.
 Is Satsuma vase is hand painted in enamel (under glaze) and has a hexagonal shape. It is divided into two panels, separated by gilded frames, panels that have cracked porcelain (porcelain crakle) so typical of Japanese Satsuma vases only. In the main panel are painted two stylized geisha (courtesan) miniature, the secondary field with flowers. The remaining imperial vase is painted cobalt and gold painted decoration, specifically flowers. The piece is a genuine canons respecting Satsuma vases - can be seen from the description and photos and that surface "cracks", feature clearly distinguishes the imitations and forgeries.

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FM Konstglas Marcolin Ronneby - Sweden Crystal Neodymium Fish

FM Konstglas Marcolin Ronneby Sweden Crystal Statue

FM Konstglas Marcolin Ronneby Sweden Crystal Statue

FM Konstglas Ronneby Marcolin Crystal Paperweight
FM Konstglas Marcolin Ronneby Sweden Sommerso Massive Statue Crystal Neodymium Fish 



Condition: The piece is like new, without defects.
Dimensions: length 22 cm, height 9.5 cm, thickness 5 cm - rates are overall.

An impressive statue crystal handmade sommerso technique, the first layer dressed in emerald green is one of neodymium (also known as Alexandrite) which, in turn, is dressed in crystal clear.

Why impressive? For that, beyond the intrinsic beauty - color and shape, presence of neodymium layer provides the ability to track change color depending on light. Thus the sun's natural light color is lilac to white-fluorescent light source changes color and a smoky blue artificial light source neodymium layer becomes yellow. It is due to the presence of neodymium oxide (Nd3O3).

Proposed to sell his piece is authored by brothers Marcolini - Murano glassware artists who settled in Sweden, have set up in the '60s, "FM Konstglas of Ronneby" - closed in the 90s, with their withdrawal from activity. Such pieces are extremely rare and no longer produce. I met one, on sale at a price of 150 USD. I mean the statue in question, the statue is quite large in size. I think that the price indicated is more than modest compared with the market and to convince you that I invite you to look for products Konstglas FM or FM Ronneby Sweden Ronneby Sweden Marcolini.
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Ruda Glasbruk Cobalt Vase Design Gote Augustsson 1970's

Gote Augustsson Ruda Glasbruk Sweden

Gote Augustsson Vase "Cobolt" Design for Ruda Glasbruk Sweden


Condition: very good, no flaws.
Dimensions: 21.5 cm height, 11 cm diameter.

Gote Augustsson is one of the most important artists Swedish glass blowers. Perhaps Europeans. The design of this vase is signed by him for Ruda Glasbruk and belongs to the collection "Cobolt". The collection was made in the 70s in a limited edition. This vase is handmade and it is very beautiful, especially when exposed to light.
Göte Augustsson was overseer in 3rd Generation and self-taught in his glass art. He enjoyed working with wood forms in which his designs were blown and the uneven surfaces of the glass gave the characteristic appearance. This modeling could be used a few times, which made almost every piece is unique. The Cobolt-series got its intense dark blue and deep purple against the light color that appears by cobalt. Ruda existed from 1920 to 1972.

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Nanny Still Stella Polaris Decorative Bottle Riihimaen lasi Finland

Nanny Still Stella Polaris Decorative Bottle
Riihimaen lasi Finland

Crystal glass vase neodymium - Stella Polaris - design Nanny Still, Riihimäen Lasi Finland

A piece of art of glassware this neodymium glass vase, handmade  by a prestigious artists, Nanny Still, for Riihimäen lasi - a brand as prestigious as Finnish designer. Such vases are also called "decorative bottles" the reason being that are shelf parts, the exposed window, objects of decorative art. Nanny Still famous collection of designers called "Stella Polaris" (North Star) and was produced between 1968 and 1973. This model is no. 1720, color is like Alexandrite - semiprecious stone. The glass color is difficult to obtain.
Market price average for this vase is about 50 Euro, of course if the piece is in good condition, no defects - such is the object proposed for sale.
Dimensions: 18.5 cm height, 14 cm long / wide, 5 inches thick - is a hexagonal shape.

vineri, 11 mai 2012

Kaj Blomqvist Crystal Vase Kumela Glass Finland

 Kaj Blomqvist Crystal Vase - Designed For Kumela Glass Finland


Condition: Excellent, no flaws. The vase is signed by the artist.
Dimensions: 13 cm height, 11.5 cm diameter.

Gradient emerald green crystal vase - Tulip - design Kaj Blomqvist, Finland Kumela Glass

Kaj Blomqvist is surely one of the leading Finnish designers and artists. Vase proposed for sale, tulip-shaped corolla, is handmade crystal, with a gradient coloring technique, unusual - technique invented by Kaj Blomqvist. Color is a beautiful emerald green, more intense to the top because at the bottom to remain crystal clear. I think we can see from the photos. The vase is signed by the artist: Kaj Blomqvist Kumela Finland - so talk about art objects identified value. (see photo 2!)
This piece of art is very rare, but now I even found something similar on sale, so I set a price far below the average (below 50%) considering that the items authentic, signed by the artist, are traded, on average, about 80 Euro. Little documentation, before placing bid, does not hurt!

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Pottery Wall Plaque Design Ninnie Forsgren - AB Atelje Ninnie Keramik Sweden

Ninnie Forsgren Pottery Wall Plaque

Pottery Wall Plaque Design Ninnie Forsgren - AB Atelje Ninnie Keramik Sweden
Pottery Wall Plaque Ninnie Forsgren

sâmbătă, 5 mai 2012

Goran Warff Orrefors Sommerso Crystal Vase

Goran Warff Orrefors Crystal Vase

Goran Warff Orrefors Sommerso Crystal Vase Signed and Labelled

35 USD

Vase is in excellent condition, no flaws.
Dimensions: 250 mm height, 68 mm diameter.

A crystal vase sommerso (colored crystal layer is coated in another layer of crystal clear) made manually, for the prestigious brand Orrefors, Sweden, by one of the most renowned glass artists, Goran Warff. The vase is signed on the bottom - wf of 5614-250 - ie Warff, Orrefors and model number. Keep the original label Orrefors.
Therefore talk about a piece of collection, identified, signed, labeled, with a market average price somewhere between 60 and 70 USD. Browse similar products using CRYSTAL VASE ORREFORS GORAN WARFF - to get an idea on price. I left a very large margin (about 100%) for the buyer.

                                                                    Pentru Limba Română
Orrefors Crystal Vase Design
Gorann Warff

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Capodimonte Italy Majolica Jewelry Box - Panteo

Capodimonte Italy Jwelery Box
 Majolica jewelry box handmade - Capodimonte - Panteo, Italy
40 EUR

Condition: very good, given the years passed. Very rarely can find a piece so well preserved, with whole flowers - these are very delicate petals.
Dimensions: diameter about 12.5 cm, height 8.5 cm.

Piece proposed for sale is certainly very old, early twentieth century, most likely. Style "Capodimonte" is ubiquitous today, numerous workshops, factories, plants and large manufacturers of porcelain fills in it. Ultimately style is spectacular ... the delicacy and the visual effect. What entitles me to say that talking about an antique and not some piece Capodimonte, (however expensive, regardless of the period) is - apart from its appearance, which shows that over the past several years have box - colored majolica mixture of is made, but decor colors, bright colors, different from those used today. Eventually it can mimic many, but not the original color pigments or material, or decor delicacy. Majolica mixture is just the color that is white in imitation and all that followed, more open. Capodimonte pieces belonging to the original or workshops that have succeeded in the area, blending fine - soft pulp - white clay is mixed with glass, darker, while the modern imitations are usually white. Even more, it gives a patina color on them to mimic the Capodimonte pieces! Here is a pretty good imitation of the '50s: http://www.euroluxantiques.com/Vintage-Italian-Capodimonte-Lidded-Bowl-Jewelry-Dish-P3956.aspx
Base material color is too white, the cover is too loaded with roses, flowers are too high, the drawing is indelicate, about colors ... what to mention?

Capodimonte (Capo Di Monte initially) was the most famous porcelain manufacturer in Italy. Established in 1740, was the answer Capodimonte Italy for Porcelain factory Meissen, famous in Germany. After the factory was closed în1820 Capodimonte (1860, 1880 - according to others), many of the models, their patterns were acquired by the Ginori factory which designs reproduced many of Capodimonte. Due to the popularity Capodimonte, enough producers such as Bassano, produced pieces in similar style. Bassano there in 1800 and probably try to compete Capodimonte style taking after closing. Panteo model products is made Naples during the Italian Republic (see French Revolution!) Model continued many years after. Eventually Capodimonte Ginori and Bassano are followers as authentic style.

duminică, 8 aprilie 2012

Elsie Bourelius Flower Girl Ceramic Figurine Design For JIE Gantofta Sweden

Elsie Bourelius Flower Girl Ceramic Figurine Design For JIE Gantofta Sweden
Status: exelente without flaws - both track original and copy.
Dimensions: height 19 cm, diameter at the base than 9 cm.

Here is one of the famous statuettes (figurines) made by no less famous Bourelius Elsie (Elsie Margaret Bourelius b. 1919 - d. 2001) for "JIE Gantofta" - where she created valuable art pottery between 1965 to 1973. Elsie B. made serious studies of ceramic art in Stockholm, the "Belle Arte" (1929-1934) and Berlin, throughout 1936. She is considered one of Europe's most important ceramists, with many exhibitors and pieces like owned by the museums devoted to ceramics.

I will not describe this piece of art, (you can see the photos), but I will insist that "florist" (Blomsterflickan - or Flower girl) came to be forged, copied, imitated by all means - and that says a lot about aesthetics and why not the authentic material. Coincidentally or not, I have two "florists" - one 100% genuine, the other a copy (not to say false, however, that we not talk of a Picasso!). Quite successful, who managed to fool me, recognize . It is possible, I think, that some "Florist" may have also been made in JIE and after leaving the artist.
Of course, when you have both the front is not very hard to notice the differences. Is hard to figure out the pictures on the net - so I understand why many of them are deliberately "fuzzy"! But there are some differences, which can be seen in the photos:

1. Clothes - from the authentic is worked separately and then placed on the head, different color and the top is higher. The copy is worked in block, not added - as in "flower girl" smaller than 12 cm high.
2. Going down to the authentic neck is thinner, more delicate.
3. Colored dress, which is the resistance of the drawing, is a dark blue, mottled, suggesting light fall on the dress - the authentic piece. And speaking of color, I met online market all sorts of colors, from burgundy red to yellow, green - or blue when only one was used by Elsie B.
4.The apron - its outline is shaded with a dark blue to black. And would be ... the lack of stickers sites, the color of the tiles, which is more closed to the authentic.

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