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Capodimonte Italy Majolica Jewelry Box - Panteo

Capodimonte Italy Jwelery Box
 Majolica jewelry box handmade - Capodimonte - Panteo, Italy
40 EUR

Condition: very good, given the years passed. Very rarely can find a piece so well preserved, with whole flowers - these are very delicate petals.
Dimensions: diameter about 12.5 cm, height 8.5 cm.

Piece proposed for sale is certainly very old, early twentieth century, most likely. Style "Capodimonte" is ubiquitous today, numerous workshops, factories, plants and large manufacturers of porcelain fills in it. Ultimately style is spectacular ... the delicacy and the visual effect. What entitles me to say that talking about an antique and not some piece Capodimonte, (however expensive, regardless of the period) is - apart from its appearance, which shows that over the past several years have box - colored majolica mixture of is made, but decor colors, bright colors, different from those used today. Eventually it can mimic many, but not the original color pigments or material, or decor delicacy. Majolica mixture is just the color that is white in imitation and all that followed, more open. Capodimonte pieces belonging to the original or workshops that have succeeded in the area, blending fine - soft pulp - white clay is mixed with glass, darker, while the modern imitations are usually white. Even more, it gives a patina color on them to mimic the Capodimonte pieces! Here is a pretty good imitation of the '50s:
Base material color is too white, the cover is too loaded with roses, flowers are too high, the drawing is indelicate, about colors ... what to mention?

Capodimonte (Capo Di Monte initially) was the most famous porcelain manufacturer in Italy. Established in 1740, was the answer Capodimonte Italy for Porcelain factory Meissen, famous in Germany. After the factory was closed în1820 Capodimonte (1860, 1880 - according to others), many of the models, their patterns were acquired by the Ginori factory which designs reproduced many of Capodimonte. Due to the popularity Capodimonte, enough producers such as Bassano, produced pieces in similar style. Bassano there in 1800 and probably try to compete Capodimonte style taking after closing. Panteo model products is made Naples during the Italian Republic (see French Revolution!) Model continued many years after. Eventually Capodimonte Ginori and Bassano are followers as authentic style.

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