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Elsie Bourelius Flower Girl Ceramic Figurine Design For JIE Gantofta Sweden

Elsie Bourelius Flower Girl Ceramic Figurine Design For JIE Gantofta Sweden
Status: exelente without flaws - both track original and copy.
Dimensions: height 19 cm, diameter at the base than 9 cm.

Here is one of the famous statuettes (figurines) made by no less famous Bourelius Elsie (Elsie Margaret Bourelius b. 1919 - d. 2001) for "JIE Gantofta" - where she created valuable art pottery between 1965 to 1973. Elsie B. made serious studies of ceramic art in Stockholm, the "Belle Arte" (1929-1934) and Berlin, throughout 1936. She is considered one of Europe's most important ceramists, with many exhibitors and pieces like owned by the museums devoted to ceramics.

I will not describe this piece of art, (you can see the photos), but I will insist that "florist" (Blomsterflickan - or Flower girl) came to be forged, copied, imitated by all means - and that says a lot about aesthetics and why not the authentic material. Coincidentally or not, I have two "florists" - one 100% genuine, the other a copy (not to say false, however, that we not talk of a Picasso!). Quite successful, who managed to fool me, recognize . It is possible, I think, that some "Florist" may have also been made in JIE and after leaving the artist.
Of course, when you have both the front is not very hard to notice the differences. Is hard to figure out the pictures on the net - so I understand why many of them are deliberately "fuzzy"! But there are some differences, which can be seen in the photos:

1. Clothes - from the authentic is worked separately and then placed on the head, different color and the top is higher. The copy is worked in block, not added - as in "flower girl" smaller than 12 cm high.
2. Going down to the authentic neck is thinner, more delicate.
3. Colored dress, which is the resistance of the drawing, is a dark blue, mottled, suggesting light fall on the dress - the authentic piece. And speaking of color, I met online market all sorts of colors, from burgundy red to yellow, green - or blue when only one was used by Elsie B.
4.The apron - its outline is shaded with a dark blue to black. And would be ... the lack of stickers sites, the color of the tiles, which is more closed to the authentic.

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