luni, 2 aprilie 2012

Kurt Nilsson Majolica Puppy Figurine Design DECO Torekov Keramik Sweden


Majolica ceramic statue "blanc de chine" - Kurt Nilsson design, Torekov Keramik - DECO


Condition: very good, no flaws. Almost new.
Authenticity: wearing original sticker - Design: Kurt Nilsson.
Dimensions: Length 17 cm, width 11 cm, height 11 cm. These dimensions are approximate. To get an idea of their thinkers like statuette is almost as a melon.

I know that may seem white porcelain, but it's not. This statue, proposed  for sale, is a puppy, probably Tekeli, handmade in majolica - blanc de chine - by one of the reference name of the ceramists artisans - Kurt Nilsson for "Deco Torekov Keramik". It can be seen from the way this thing, miss by a few lines, manages to give a special expressive face this puppy. With such stylization and synthesis capacity differs great artists of all kinds of pottery and clay workers.
Object proposed for sale is rare, and considering its age. The statue is a relatively large, smooth and elegant at the same time, a true piece of art pottery made by 50-60's.

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