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FM Konstglas Marcolin Ronneby - Sweden Crystal Neodymium Fish

FM Konstglas Marcolin Ronneby Sweden Crystal Statue

FM Konstglas Marcolin Ronneby Sweden Crystal Statue

FM Konstglas Ronneby Marcolin Crystal Paperweight
FM Konstglas Marcolin Ronneby Sweden Sommerso Massive Statue Crystal Neodymium Fish 



Condition: The piece is like new, without defects.
Dimensions: length 22 cm, height 9.5 cm, thickness 5 cm - rates are overall.

An impressive statue crystal handmade sommerso technique, the first layer dressed in emerald green is one of neodymium (also known as Alexandrite) which, in turn, is dressed in crystal clear.

Why impressive? For that, beyond the intrinsic beauty - color and shape, presence of neodymium layer provides the ability to track change color depending on light. Thus the sun's natural light color is lilac to white-fluorescent light source changes color and a smoky blue artificial light source neodymium layer becomes yellow. It is due to the presence of neodymium oxide (Nd3O3).

Proposed to sell his piece is authored by brothers Marcolini - Murano glassware artists who settled in Sweden, have set up in the '60s, "FM Konstglas of Ronneby" - closed in the 90s, with their withdrawal from activity. Such pieces are extremely rare and no longer produce. I met one, on sale at a price of 150 USD. I mean the statue in question, the statue is quite large in size. I think that the price indicated is more than modest compared with the market and to convince you that I invite you to look for products Konstglas FM or FM Ronneby Sweden Ronneby Sweden Marcolini.
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