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Kaj Blomqvist Crystal Vase Kumela Glass Finland

 Kaj Blomqvist Crystal Vase - Designed For Kumela Glass Finland


Condition: Excellent, no flaws. The vase is signed by the artist.
Dimensions: 13 cm height, 11.5 cm diameter.

Gradient emerald green crystal vase - Tulip - design Kaj Blomqvist, Finland Kumela Glass

Kaj Blomqvist is surely one of the leading Finnish designers and artists. Vase proposed for sale, tulip-shaped corolla, is handmade crystal, with a gradient coloring technique, unusual - technique invented by Kaj Blomqvist. Color is a beautiful emerald green, more intense to the top because at the bottom to remain crystal clear. I think we can see from the photos. The vase is signed by the artist: Kaj Blomqvist Kumela Finland - so talk about art objects identified value. (see photo 2!)
This piece of art is very rare, but now I even found something similar on sale, so I set a price far below the average (below 50%) considering that the items authentic, signed by the artist, are traded, on average, about 80 Euro. Little documentation, before placing bid, does not hurt!

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