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Bay Keramik Vase 959-17 W.Germany Bitossi Style

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Handmade pottery majolica vase - BAY KERAMIK - W.Germany


If you enter labels BAY VASE KERAMIK find enough vases (Eduard Bay factory founded in 1933, however - even if it was closed in 1988) but not the combination of color and pattern (959 -17 where 17 is the height vase, approximately), this and that vases Bay that you will not find two alike. Despite the apparent abundance are not so many for sale, their price - they are in good condition - leveling off somewhere between 30-40 euros, sometimes more:
Proposed for sale is a piece majolica vase, made ​​handmade, the '60s and '70s, with a beautiful embossed floral design, beautifully styled. The resistance, however, is the combination of blue vases Bitossi style, that the ultramarine blue Rimini. Vase is beautifully enameled both outside and inside, and although very decorative - a piece of shelf, I would say - is for hosting flowers less sophisticated (from Hawthorn to chrysanthemum or carnation), but may equally well, to be exposed as a piece of art pottery.

Condition: excellent, no flaws.
Dimensions: 17 cm height, 11 cm diameter.
The piece is authentic, marked Bay W. Germany 959-17.

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