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Strombergshyttan Gunnar Nylund Crystal Vase Sommerso

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Sommerso handmade crystal vase - Grail - design Gunnar Nylund, Sweden Strombergshyttan

80 RON

Condition: very good, no flaws.
Dimensions: 18.5 cm height, 6.5 cm diameter - vase has an ovoid shape

I think we can talk, referring to this object, offered for sale, on a piece of art made ​​aesthetic and not a simple vase. Beyond artist, glassware & ceramist - at the same time - highly rated, and the brand Strombergshyttan, we have a crystal vase made by sommerso technique - technique difficult, is not at everyone's fingertips, a vase with a color, hard to describe. If a combination of amethyst and turquoise, a purple (that believed not that just give you any photos posted) difficult to obtain.
Vase is handmade - handblown and I think it belongs 60s. This form of vase is known as "Grail" and do not believe there glazier artist who has not used the contour (shape) or have not tried to give a new note, personalized.

"Sommerso" is a very difficult and amazing technique, the layers of colored glass (when there are more), overlapping, enclosed in glass / (crystal) clear. Just a single layer-colored crystal - framed by a crystal clear (crystal clear), to talk about technique "Sommerso". The technique was perfected by an Italian glass manufacturer, Carlo Scarpa in Murano in 1930. Real word "Sommerso" means "submerged" - a description of how the piece is done.
About price ... Try Gunnar Nylund Strombergshyttan vessels and you'll be amazed!

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  1. Hi, I don't think this vase is from Strombergshyttan and not a Gunnar Nylund design. I think it's maybe from Aseda glassworks, Sea glassworks or Smalandshyttan, maybe Finnish? They and some other did such vases with cutted an grinded top. Nylunds so called "sommerso vases" in forms like this (with narrower mouth and wider bottom), are not after worked with grinding of the top as this clearly is, they are finished directly in the foundry on a pontil spike with "driven" mouth. Therfore they have smoother rounding in the top, which this has not.

  2. Thanks, Nils! Maybe it's from Aseda, but I faund one like this with Strombergshyttan label! Have a nice day!

  3. And... by the way, it was sold. Thanks, anyway!