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Porcelain collectors plate Goteborg Porslinsfabrik Sweden

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 Porcelain collectors plate , very old - 110-113 years - "Goteborg Porslinsfabrik" Sweden


Condition: very good, no flaws.
Dimensions: diameter 23.2 cm, height 2.2 cm.

I put up for sale this ancient, somehow convinced that an object so identified with a certain old data set (give details of interest) will find a buyer. There is, naturally, the question:
How many plates arrived at venerable age of 110 years have faced before? But anyhow, but in good condition (not chip and crack, or drawing deleted), as this piece is that we intend to purchase.

First, the superb floral design with a green, very interesting, made by transfer, under the glaze is not as important in describing the object. You can see in photos. Important is the reverse plate and trade mark: GOTEBORG/9/P - letters and numbers are printed in porcelain punch. "Goteborg Porslinsfabrik" (1898-1926) used this system for marking only four years, approximately, that is from the beginning, 1898, until 1902 (see Photo 2). Therefore the present plate can be even 113 years. These are the attributes of a rarity with really, of an antique in fact, attributes that make the difference between rags and ancient object!

Pricing ... What can I say? I also managed to find a plate or something similar, to determine a fair price. To get an idea of ​​their price would not hurt to look for other brand products, with over 100 years old!

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Click on foto to enlarge

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