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Jie Gantofta Sweden Wall Plaque Pottery Design Staffan Johnson

Jie Gantofta Sweden Wall Plaque
Design Staffan Johnson
Jie Gantofta Sweden Wall Plaque Pottery Design Staffan Johnson 
30 EURO 

Perfect condition, no flaws.
Dimensions: 23 x 19 cm, thickness approx. 3 cm.

The piece proposed for sale is a "landscape with alpine grouse" - painted on majolica, or as it is called in the virtual environment, "hanging wall plaque". But whatever the name, we have a piece of art pottery handmade - design signed by a major Swedish pottery artist - Staffan Johnson, who is son of the famous founder and owner of "AB Gantofta Jie" - Jonh Evert "JIE "Johnson.
Mountain grouse (Tetrao urogallus), canopy, clearing, in relief, are painted in enamel, the technique / material known as majolica, color is very elegant, balanced, in tones of green and brown, dark brown, as can see in the image. Background scenery, more details are made ​​precise incision - retaining color gaps.

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