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Marita Voigt Wartburg Vase Harz-Kristall Blue Cased Crystal Vase

Marita Voigt Wartburg Vase
 Blue cased crystal vase hand-blown 
HarzKristall - East Germany

"Wartburg" Vase - design Marita Voigt


Vase proposed for sale is a rarity, that did not quite find on sale,  on the NET. The design is modern, free-form. Marita Voigt (born 1949) a young designer at the time, graduated from the faculty of design, proposes a bold outline, minimalist, but especially new, innovative, with the collection "Wartburg" - which includes collection of the vase. I know a couple, three shapes and about as many colors. However, limited edition was sold in the shops of "Art Shop" from them, in East Germany. Marita Voigt worked on "HarzKristall" from 1973 to 1976. Today has its own studio and many exhibitions to his credit, being an artist rated.

Marita Voigt Wartburg Vase
Harz-Kristall DDR
Vase is handmade, hand-blown - as they say. Why "cased" and not "sommerso"? For the vase is made of two layers, that blue one that is dressed (cased) in a crystal clear, to shine. The technique is similar to the "sommerso" and is known as "cased glass".

Condition: very good, no chip, cracks, dislocations.
Dimensions: 16 cm high, 10 cm diameter.

Pricing ... around 40 EURO. We found only one, the same color in the collection. Here:

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