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Holmegaard Vase Multilayer Glass Denmark Handmade

Holmegaard Vase Multilayer Glass
Denmark Handmade
 Multilayer glass vase handmade - Holmegaard, Denmark


Condition: as new, without defects.
Dimensions: height 19 cm, maximum diameter 11 cm.

A medium sized vase to the large, consists of two layers - one outer, opaque, of an intense citron yellow, another interior white/opalin, serving to enhance the yelow color. The two layers are hand-blown - this tipe of vase is also called cased glass or multilayered glass.
The vase has a classic shape, elegant simplicity, but its part of resistance - as aesthetic achievement, consists in the beauty of color, in that dense yellow unusual. The piece is not very old, so today Holmegaard (in operation since 1825) produces vases similar in form to a factory price somewhere between 50 and 60 Euro . View: www.holmegaard.com

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